Confessions are heard on Sundays during each Liturgy or by appointment.

  Baptisms should be arranged through a priest at least one month prior to the date of baptism. Parents and sponsors must attend instruction prior to the baptism of their child.

  Marriage: Couples planning to marry are requested to make their arrangements early, but no less than six (6) months in advance of the proposed date. Pre-marital conferences must be arranged six (6) months prior to the ceremony. At least one of the couple, or their parents should be registered participating members of St. Nicholas Cathedral for eligibility to be married in the cathedral.

  Sick & Homebound: If you or a family member are confined to home and are unable to attend Liturgy either temporarily or on a continuing basis, and wish to receive communion, please notify the parish office.

  Hospital Stay: If you or a family member are admitted to a hospital for any reason and wish to have a priest come to visit, please notify the parish office. Recent federal privacy laws do not allow hospitals to notify the parish if you are admitted. It is the responsibility of the patient or family to notify the parish office.